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November 10, 2008
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The Lost Identity by NKeo The Lost Identity by NKeo

My entry for the third round of the wonderfull Crestock competition!

Please read
This is a hard one to explain. I tried to take the theme on a different approach in this piece. I've tried so many things by doing photomanipulations, retouching and so on to figure out this concept, but all failled. Maybe because the photo's where so hard to work with. So I had to improve a lot and had to forget about the usual stuff I do.

I've remixed 3 concepts I had in mind actually while starting this piece and tried to blend them together in one piece. The fact is that no one is really sure about theirself. But changing yourself wont solve your problem, you would actually lose your identity whenever you do that! Because you're not the real "you/me" anymore whenever you had a extreme make over or plastic surgery.

That's why I removed essential parts of the body in this piece since you're not the person you used to be anymore. This person, who is planning to build up a new identity for herself actually wants to give itsself more confidence by changing.

The fact is that no one is perfect, but no one is satisfied with theirself as well, could we solve that problem by having surgery or doing makeovers? Shouldnt we just accept the way we are? Instead to the useless name changes, makeovers and surgery who are actually ruining our own identities?

Be glad about who and what you are.

Hope you guys digging this and hope the concept is clear! Good luck with the contest everyone!

This piece took me way to long and I actually didnt had time to finish it completely, since I wanted to do some more stuff on the background!

Wish me luck!

All support, comments and votes are really appreciated!
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